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Gunhildr in her classic NOBLE uniform, with her husband, Stenn S..

"No, don't aim at me. Aim at them. They won't kill you without thinking about it."
—Gunhildr S. in The Seven.

Gunhildr S. is the key figure of The Seven, as well as Prelude to Misery/Last Mission. A powerful telepath who used to be part of Steele Incorporated's NOBLE program, she seeks revenge against both Richard Steele and his company for the abuse she suffered, as well as the death of her husband Stenn Steele. Being part of the NOBLE program, she gave up her surname and adopted the company's name, like all of her peers.

Vital Statistics Edit

  • Name: Gunhildr S.
  • Faction: None, formerly Steele Inc. (defected)
  • Status: Alive
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15/19 (PtM), 25
  • Height/Weight: 5'10, 120 lbs.
  • Hair/Eyes: Black/Brown

Background Edit

Even before the exodus and the War of Ten Years, Gunhildr was still a very troubled child. She was "gifted" with rich parents who had busy lives of their own. They did not care for her, nor hired anyone else to care for her. The eurasian girl all but raised herself, learning to take care of herself. However, the only thing that she could not create for herself it seemed was interaction with others. At the local school, she was ostrasized by the other children. People always seemed to find her weird and intimidating no matter what she did, and this did not change after her parents left her behind during the Exodus from earth.

Gunhildr remembers very little about what happened during the war. Her house was destroyed during the fighting and she roamed the streets with many other children, although she was still the outcast. She was all but half-dead when President Richard Steele picked her up and "adopted" her in what seemed to those outside the company to be a act of goodwill in order to win over the world's citizens.

However, it was not what it seemed. Along with many other orphans collected off of the streets, Gunhildr became a test subject for the expiriments done by the scientists who worked for Steele Incorporated. Richard Steele sought to make superior humans, or rather "weapons", and he used the children he scooped up from the streets as materials for this cause. The scientists - lead by Dr. A, the head of the department - expirimented in both physical and mental modifications. The physical modifications seemed to work quite well, while the mental modifications were messy and many of the test subjects were driven into insane, animalistic states that made them completely useless. It was during Gunhildr's expiriments that Dr. A decided to mix the two, to test the results, and she became the first success in what came to be called the "T project". The mental modifications caused her to gain telepathic powers, however they were dormant and Dr. A continued to attempt to find ways to activate them, often at the risk of Gunhildr's health.

Gunhildr was taken out of the rotation upon this success, and Steele assigned her to the NOBLE program. The NOBLE members were few - the best of the successful expiriments - and they worked as his personal guard as well as assassins. Far superior to unmodified humans in many ways, they were the ones who made the rebellion run underground and the civilians steer clear of Steele Inc. operations. Among the general population, NOBLE members were feared as they were considered 'inhuman'. She was trained in combat as well as many other things, and she showed great proficiency with a sniper rifle as well as a combat or hunting knife. It was in the NOBLE program that she met Stenn, but by then Gunhildr was dealing with horrible troubles and when they first met, it was merely a uncomfortable aquaintance.

Gunhildr was seventeen years old when Dr. A began to succeed in working around the issues with her powers being dormant. It was discovered that her telekenesis reacted to suffering - mainly the physical and emotional pain of her and others around her - and so Dr. A poisoned her with arsenic in order to activate her telekenetic powers. The end result was that Gunhildr almost died and fell into a coma for a while because of the sudden change. Stenn was a unwilling witness, but instead of being taken aback by this, it bonded him to Gunhildr and the two became close friends. Both of them being aloof and anti-social, they were inseperable, and as years passed, romantic feelings began to bloom between them.

This was something that not even Steele could predict, as everything that they had forced the NOBLE members through, including their training, was partly to keep the NOBLE subjects from gaining a sense of self and to make them easier to control. At nineteen years of age, Stenn and Gunhildr had to hide their relationship from both their handlers as well as the other NOBLE members. If Steele's scientists knew that they had lost control of the expiriments, the consequences would be grave.

After Stenn was killed under mysterious circumstances, Gunhildr went rogue and defected from the Steele military structure, killing some of her fellow NOBLE members as well as many other employees. However, she was unable to get to Dr. A nor president Steele because NOBLE subject Shannon Steele attempted to oppose her. Although Gunhildr easily defeated her, her targets escaped and she was forced to leave Steele HQ before she was surrounded and outnumbered. After this, she roamed the streets of Oslo and began to do odd mercenary jobs on the side, all the while systematically executing Steele employees whenever she saw them.

Telekenetic Powers Edit

Gunhildr possesses both increased agility and great endurance due to the expiriments performed on her, but the real dangers lies in her telekentic powers. She is only one of two test subjects that has them, but she is truly the ultimate in negative-effect telekenesis, whereas her other telekenetic peer works around more neutral modes.

Gunhildr is capable of "overhearing" the thoughts of others as well as invading their minds. She can paralyse a foe, put them to sleep, or even cause them to run or cower in fear. However, the core of her power lies in nightmares and fears, which often visibly manifests itself as darkness or "heavy, twitching shadows". Gunhildr uses her foes' worst fears against them, wrapping them in nightmares and filling their hearts and minds so full of darkness that they can no longer fight nor resist her. Afterwhich, she usually kills them by physical means.

It is thought that her powers work around suffering and pain, and that the more Gunhildr or others around her are hurting, the more powerful her telekentic powers will be. Dr. A concluded that she seems to unconsciously feed off of negative auras and use them in her attacks. Although her issue with self-harm and masochism are not directly related to her powers, they definitely fuel them.

When Gunhildr expiriences pain or uses her telekenesis, there are physical side effects to her body. The most visible ones are the fact that her pupils will dialate from tiny pin-pricks (normal for modified individuals) to deep black holes that show absolutely no iris. As well, blood tends to rush to the area behind and around her eyes, causing the flesh to turn a deep purple color, and sometimes veins can be seen. Most people find this frightening.

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