Contemplation by gunnhilde-d3dsjrc

Gunhildr in the classic NOBLE uniform.

The NOBLE classic uniform is the uniform used by all NOBLE members, both canididates and subjects. It is made out of materials that are thin and flexible yet durable. While some members are allowed to deviate in minor ways - such as Gunhildr S.'s sleeves to hide her scars - most of the members wear it without modifications. The colored inlays coincide with what test program they were in - those who were part of the T Program have green inlays, the rest have red.

Classic Uniform Edit

The classic unform is made up of a grey, sleeveless top (crop top for females) with colored inlays made out of a sturdy, net-like material. It has a square neckline. The pants are plain, with a seam down the side, and are usually grey or black. The pants have a bootcut style and have heavy canvas straps that tie underneath the middle of the heavy, black company-issue boots. The belts have different styles but usually coincide with the color inlays - these are also issued by Steele. Inc.

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