"NOBLE is a group of unfortunate, desperate, damaged individuals. Handing powers like this to people who are likely to give into psychopathic tendencies and kill a bunch of people is probably the most idiotic thing you can do."
Gunhildr S. in The Seven.

NOBLE is a elite fighting force of modified individuals, once test subjects for Steele Inc.'s experiments. They are the successful subjects, the ones that were powerful and cold blooded enough to impress President Steele. They are technically super-soldiers (some of them being child soldiers, as well) with a abundance of abilities, such as superior strength, increased agility/speed, and even powers like telekinesis, in the case of the "T Program" subjects.

NOBLE subjects and candidates recieve training and are restricted to regiments that were created to purposefully strip them of their empathy, and to keep them from gaining a sense of self. NOBLE members are often stunted emotionally and socially, and are unaffected by violence. They look only at the mission at hand, and it does not matter what happens or who is hurt in the process as long as their objective is completed.

Overview Edit

NOBLE members are divided into two classes - NOBLE candidates, and NOBLE subjects. As the name suggest, NOBLE candidates are trainees who may or may not be dispatched on missions. It is a trial to see if they are worth the extra investment. Most people fail this test, and afterwards they are "discarded" - either they once again become a test subject or they are deemed no longer necessary and killed. NOBLE subjects are individuals who have passed this trial and are now a permanent part of the program, although the missions they are sent on are more dependant on president Steele's regard of their personal strengths.

The members of the NOBLE project are in and of themselves industrial secrets, as well as a danger to the general populace. It is impossible for them to "retire", and even then they usually do not last for more than a few years before being killed. NOBLE members are kept under Steele Inc.'s thumb, under constant monitoring. They are allowed only minimal free will. They are not to disobey a direct order (often received through a company-issued cellphone) or leave the areas they are restricted to for any reason, or else they are classed as AWOL and out of company control, and will be executed. The only NOBLE member that has managed to escape has been Gunhildr Steele. She is the only NOBLE member to be classed as defected.

Regiment Edit

NOBLE members are allowed no special privileges. They live inside the Steele Inc. HQ in "apartments" that were designed especially for the NOBLE program. They are required to wear the NOBLE classic Uniform at all times, even when sleeping. They are not allowed to keep any personal possessions or trinkets, nor money of any kind. They are fed in a cafeteria so that their eating habits can be observed. When not on missions, they are restricted to their apartments or to a "common room" where there are chairs and military books as well as a constant stream of Steel Inc. training videos on a wall-height television.

The regiment that the NOBLE members are designed specifically to keep the subjects under control and to prevent them from gaining any sense of self to make that task easier. They are stripped of empathy and other "human" traits to make them more effective killers. The way this is done is a science department secret and is not widely known.

NOBLE members are extensively trained in both martial arts and several weapons of choice. Even the weakest of the group can easily kill someone with their bare hands. For T Project subjects, not even that. Many NOBLE members choose guns, such as Gunhildr S., who uses a sniper rifle and Megan S. who uses a handgun. Some NOBLE members who possess great strength choose to use outdated weapons such as swords or bows/crossbows.

All NOBLE members answer to the handlers - one is of the science department, the other is of the military conglomerate. The third and most important is President Steele himself.

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