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The World Edit

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The world of The Seven is Earth. Or rather, Earth after it’s suffered a exodus followed by ten years of war. It’s very dirty and gritty. I guess it can be classed as dystopian. All of the world’s countries have been abolished, and the world is now ruled by one man – or rather, the company that he runs. The man is Richard Steele and his company is Steele incorporated. The capital of Earth is Oslo, Norway, the city where Erik Steele was born and lived until the ten year war.

Before the war, some of Earth’s scientists believed that the world was going to end. They were absolutely 100% sure it was. So the “cream” of society was gathered. The politicians, the great doctors/scientists/ect., as well as those who were very rich were loaded onto space ships, and they were sent out to a man-made utopia far away from the planet. This is formally known as the Exodus. With nobody to lead the planet (as they had all left) the world dissolved into war. Steele came out on top simply because he had advanced weapons and soldiers. It was not really a war – it was slaughter.

Now most of the world is destroyed, even Oslo. While the cities are still being rebuilt, there are still collapsed buildings and broken roads – there is one such road in Oslo that has been dubbed “the breaking” because it was a major road that was blocked because a skyscraper fell right down across it. While some of the subways still work they are often flooded when it rains. The main way to get between cities is by train. There is a great amount of poverty and health care is scarce. The world is basically a giant slum.

The Company Edit

Steele Inc. originally belonged to Richard Steele’s older brother, Erik Steele. It was a company that specialized in biological weaponry, as well as many other types of weapons. However, Erik choose to leave during the Exodus and so Richard took control of the company. It is said that he stayed behind simply because he knew what the outcome would be and wanted to be on top.

After the War of Ten Years, Steele began a secret operation called The NOBLE Program. It was a experiment that he intended to use to make human weapons with the biological research that Erik had gathered. Steele gathered orphans off the streets and used them as the materials – or rather, the clay he would mold into “superior” beings. The experiments were hit and miss – most of the subjects went insane and regressed into a animal-like state, however there was a small yield of “successful”experiments. Some of the subjects gained increased strength, agility, and some even gained other powers like telepathy or the ability to morph their bodies – making claws out of their arm, ect.. However, it was found that those who did receive ”T type” powers were more likely to slowly deteriorate over the years like their failed counterparts.

Steele began to use the successful NOBLE subjects as his own body guards, as well as assassins and other things. Although most of them were only adolescents, they became child soldiers. They were bound to the Steele Inc. and if they tried to leave they were hunted mercilessly and killed. Some of the NOBLE members even became hosts for bigger, more invasive experiments that turned them into something “less than human”. Sansa S. is a good example of this.

Steele used both NOBLE subjects and a massive army of unmodified humans to keep the planet completely under his control. There were underground and hidden groups, but they were never able to succeed in damaging Steele Incorporated in any way.

The Woman Edit

Gunhildr S. gave up everything for the NOBLE program, including her surname. She was one of the first few orphans to be chosen by Steele, and she was the first of few to show telekentic powers because of the experiments. Although she is of Eurasian ethnicity (Asian/European), she is native to Oslo, having been born and raised there.

She married one of her peers from the NOBLE program, Stenn S.. The two had been close friends since they were fifteen years old, and had shared a deep romantic relationship since they were nineteen. Both were solitary and independent, and did not enjoy the company of many others. Gunhildr because she had been a target of abuse even before Steele, and Stenn because he was too mature to find his peers entertaining. He thought them to be idiots.

Stenn was “killed in action” according to NOBLE’s records when a underground tram crashed during a mission. However, the truth was that he was shot in the back of the head with a rifle. While the details of the incident are left purposefully unclear, it was enough to make Gunhildr leave Steele Inc. despite the repercussions… even taking lengths to change her appearance. While she is now very primal, ruled by emotion and instinct with no true goal, she works to bring down Steele Inc. or at least kill as many of it’s members as she can. Her rival is the NOBLE team member Shannon S., who works to bring her down at every point.

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